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Depression is according to the World Health Organisation (WHO) one of the most common state of mind (sometimes a sickness) at people between 15 and 44 years. This state of mind increases the last time dramatically, with fear-related sicknesses. The increasing mobility of today leads to loneliness; and love and relations are sacrificed on the altar of modern idols like possessions, power and sex.


Numbers do not lie: especially in strong developed countries 1 on the 5 women and 1 on the 10 men get problems with depression in their live. For men most of the time, it has to do with stress at work, a bad or unfriendly work climate and loss of work. For women the cause is more due to marital and family problems, in particular at adultery of the partner, divorce, problems with children and lack of human relations with loneliness as a consequence.


Everyone has sometimes to do with overwhelming pressure, but this is no real depression. A real depression is a state of mind of despair and seeing no way out. Such a person shows this by having no more desire to live.

There is a difference between light and heavy depression.



Symptoms of light depression can be:



  • Sleeping a lot
  • Fatigue
  • More appetite
  • More need for sex
  • Regular moments of despair
  • Dark facial expression
  • Etc…


Symptoms of heavy depression can be:


  • Too little night’s rest
  • Frequently over-fatigue
  • Too little appetite
  • Little or no need for sex
  • Neglect of external appearance
  • Excitability which can lead to malignity
  • Slowly to talk
  • Negative talk
  • Generally total despair
  • Dark facial expression
  • Etc.…


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